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We source and supply qualified and experienced tutors to meet the needs of our students

Tutor Registration

To sign up as a tutor, please click here to register. Our tutor registration process is straightforward and our tutor resource area is easy to use.

Tutor Magnet Ltd was established following our recognition and identification of the need for more of realistic and personalised approach to home education and home learning services. Due to the continued success of our tutoring services, we are urgently seeking qualified tutors to fill vacant positions throughout the UK currently on our books. Tutor Magnet is committed to both the student and the tutor to ensure total satisfaction is achieved by both parties. Tutor Magnet will use its best endeavours to find suitable students for its tutors, however, the company cannot guarantee successful matches on each occasion. To try and achieve the best match, Tutor Magnet has recently redefined its marketing strategy to focus its advertising activities on boosting the company’s online presence and ranking on search engine indexes such as Google and Yahoo!

Registration is as simple as filling out a form, and subscriptions start from as little as £9.99 per month.

For more information about tutor signup or for details of our support services, please e-mail us at recruit@tutormagnet.com

Tutor Verification Process

For a one off supplementary charge of £9.99 we perform a series of checks to verify tutor profiles:

  1. We confirm the tutors contact details by referencing their CV and contacting previous employers.
  2. We check and follow up on the tutor’s references, one of which is usually a former employer in addition to an academic reference.
  3. All tutors need to be CRB registered, however some exceptions may apply*. The CRB register will alert Tutor Magnet of any previous or prevailing offences. Where the tutor does not have an up to date CRB disclosure, we follow up by submitting an Enhanced Disclosure application, which reports back on any of the tutor’s local and national records.
  4. We keep in regular contact with our students to ensure they are happy with the tutors selected. We also request that the student provides us with feedback of their tutoring experience for future reference.

Verification Benefits

Upon positive verification tutor profiles receive a 'Verified' tag which replaces the 'Not Yet Verified' status next to their profile in search results.

green verification confirmation stamp

This tag serves to assure students and parents that the tutor in question has passed our vetting process.

We're looking for tutors throughout the UK

If you are a qualified tutor looking for opportunities to tutor or if you currently studying for a degree, please click here to access the Tutor Signup Area.

We are currently recruiting tutors throughout the United Kingdom at all levels in the subjects below: