Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use this website to find a tutor?

Simply sign up by completing the student registration form and once your registration is processed and confirmed (usually with 48 hours), our database will immediately present you with a list of tutor profiles who meet your search criteria. The tutor will then make contact with you to arrange the tutoring session(s) at your and the tutorís convenience. This is a free service!

Do you offer on-line tutoring?

This feature is in development and will be offered to supplement one-to-one tuition to all our registered students at a later date.

I am looking for a subject which is not on your list. Can you help me?

Yes we can. We offer a comprehensive list of subjects and at a variety of tutoring levels. Please contact us if the subject and/or the level of tutoring you are looking for do not appear on our list.

Where is the tutoring session held?

In-person tutoring may take place in the tutorís home or office, or in your own home. If the tutee is aged 17 or under, Tutor Magnet strongly recommends that a parent/guardian is present during the sessions for safety reasons.

Who are Tutor Magnetís tutors?

Tutor Magnetís tutors are recruited from primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK. Some of our tutors might also be retired teachers who are still also available to offer private tuition. All our tutors are interviewed and assessed for suitability via our thorough screening process and we verify their qualifications and supplied references.

Our tutors are also required to evidence minimum teaching experience in their field or discipline.

What happens if the parent or student has any reservations about the tutor or is not satisfied with the standard of tutoring?

We ask that our tutors be given a settling in period of 3 sessions. If the relationship has not gelled after this initial period, Tutor Magnet can assist to secure an alternative tutor.

Is there a facility where I can voice any questions or concerns if I have any?

In order that we source the best tutors for your needs, Tutor Magnet always welcomes your feedback and to continue to improve our services, we encourage both parents and students alike to complete the feedback form on the contact page of this website.

Can we speak to other parents and students about their experience of Tutor Magnet and its tutoring services?

Please visit our feedback page to read what parents and students have said about Tutor Magnet, our services and our tutors.

In exceptional circumstances, we can try and arrange for you to speak to another parent and we would be happy to make individual arrangements after seeking the necessary authorisation.

How much does Tutor Magnet charge students for a finding a tutor?

Tutor Magnet does not charge the student any fees for sourcing a tutor nor for the tutoring session(s). Any fees are charged by the tutor on an individual and sessional basis for tutoring services provided by the tutor to the student. The tutor will inform the student of his or her hourly rate having received a request for their services prior to the commencement of the first tutoring session.